A Newbie’s Guide to Buying a Car – 5 Things to Consider

A Newbie’s Guide to Buying a Car – 5 Things to Consider

Thinking of buying a car? How good of a vehicle you’ll get depends on a number of things. We talked everything about them below. Read ahead.


How bad do you want to flex? Everyone knows Porsche and Lamborghinis are for the rich and famous. They’re European car manufacturers that arguably produce the beastliest cars around.

American and Japanese manufacturers don’t produce cars as good-looking as their European counterparts. This is especially true for Japanese brands. But this doesn’t mean that the two offer ugly vehicles. Toyota is a Japanese brand that has some great looking cars, they’re just not as sporty or exude as much luxury as European rivals.


Probably the most important thing to consider is how much you’re willing to spend. As mentioned, you can snag cars from Japan, Europe or America. The latter 2 offer the more expensive vehicles.

What’s great is, you can get a car from Japan directly with not much hassle. An importing company would help get it down. The vehicle could cost much less abroad than in your country.

You can import an American or European one too, saving cash. But Japanese ones are the most commonly imported.


Driving can be dangerous. If you have a family, one of your biggest concerns would be how to keep them safe on the road. This all comes down to how many security features your car would have.

Take a look at its seats. Not only does seat design influence how comfortable you’ll be, but it affects whether you’d get whip-lash or not.

Its seatbelts should be easy to put on, and there should be a loud clicking sound to ensure it has been latched on properly.

Of course, there should be side and front airbags too. They would save your life.

Reversing Cameras

Speaking of keeping your family safe, something that would help would be reversing cameras. Most newbie drivers have trouble with reversing. It’s something that even drivers who’ve been on the road for years struggle with.

Reversing cameras make the job easier. Unfortunately, the vehicles that need them the most, like 4-wheel drives don’t really have them.


Cars are intricate machines. Being on the road, there is a number of things that could happen to them. As vehicles are not cheap, you want a good warranty. The thousands you spent would go down the drain otherwise. This is where extensive warranties come in. Try and grab a 5-year one. It has become the norm with many companies.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about all the points we discussed? There are much more to consider when buying a car. However, the above are the most important.

What would influence the type of vehicle you’ll get, would be whether you bought it from a European, American or Japanese manufacturer. Depending on which you chose, the price you’d have to pay would greatly differ.

So, which of our points do you think is the most important?

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