Your Home Toolbox Explained

Your Home Toolbox Explained

If in case of emergencies and you needed to do some urgent repairs on your home, do you have a toolbox with the necessary tools? If not, then it is time for you to start having one. You might think it is not required since you are not handy or any good with repairs and you would just prefer to call a professional, but what if there is a loose nail in your kitchen floorboards that you only notice in the middle of the night? Could you still wait until morning to call a carpenter knowing one of your kids or your pets or your partner could step on it?

A scenario like this is not impossible to happen and it could have been avoided if only you have your own toolbox.

The Essentials and the Basics

First and foremost, you should have a toolbox. Where else would you store all your tools if you don’t have a toolbox? Make sure that you choose one that is sturdy because it would be carrying hundreds of trinkets; some are even made out of pure metal. A measuring tape is also part of the essentials since you would be measuring a lot especially if you would start building things. And if you would be making or installing shelves, a spirit level is necessary to make sure it is straight and not wonky.

Pliers, hammers, screwdrivers are also basic tools that you should have and if you have the money to splurge, you could opt for electronic hammer and or screwdriver to cut the work in half. When you buy these basic tools make sure to try and test them out. Every brand would feel different in your grip. Make sure that they are comfortable to touch since you would be holding them for a long time.

The Specialized

For serious DIY-ers, there are specialized tools that are an absolute must; drill, sander, saw, grinder. Fortunately Makita combo kits are available in the market that has these specialized tools. You could choose from 2-piece kits to 15-piece kits, depending on the tools that you would be needing often. These kits include cordless power tools, making it easier to use and comes with battery charger and case to make sure you are safely stowing your tools when they are not in use.

Read the specifications and the included specialized tool in every combo kit to make sure that you are purchasing the kit that matches your requirement. Some combo kits even come with a bag or a toolbox. While other suppliers let your custom build your own kit and lets you purchase the tools you need.

These are just some of the few tools your toolbox should have. Of course, there are other numerous items that you must have in the future especially if you are serious in becoming a handy DIY-er. The most important thing is that you take proper care of your tools. Make sure those prone to rusting are always dry and tools with sharp sides and edges are suitably covered to avoid accidents.



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