Unique &Useful Gift Ideas If You Are on A Budget

Unique &Useful Gift Ideas If You Are on A Budget

Buying someone a gift can go two ways. It can be an incredibly stressful experience or unimaginably fun. The key here is knowing what to buy, because it can get quite difficult to figure out what gifts would be both thoughtful and useful to the person.

Finding the best gifts for every occasion, from birthdays and valentines to Christmas is not that easy. On top of that, if you desire to stand out from the other presents your special someone is receiving, you need to buy something unique, a gift that will make this person remember you. Here are a few useful and unique gift ideas to help you out:


There are many benefits to giving someone a DIY gift. DIY gifts are inexpensive, you can get creative with it and the gift is both unique and thoughtful. Handmade gifts are always more meaningful and a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion.

You could personalize your gift and make unique phone cases, stitch blankets, jewellery, homemade bath bombs and custom notebooks. You could also ensure your gift is useful to the individual. For example, you could paint aesthetic wooden bowls which can be used as house decor or make personalized coasters to place drinks on. The list is endless!

Gift Sets

A gift set is very versatile because it can be given to anyone, from a girlfriend to a colleague at work. An important aspect of gift sets is that you can choose a category you think or know the recipient may like. For instance, if the individual likes to indulge in hot or cold green tea now and then, some premium tea gift packs would be an ideal gift. Additionally, you could purchase a customized gift set with some of the recipient’s favourite things (ex: sunglasses, perfumes, chocolates) and add some personal value to it.

Go Green

In this present day and age, sustainability is becoming an increasingly vital aspect in our lives due to global warming. Buying eco-friendly gifts is a unique and useful way to celebrate someone in an environmentally friendly way. You could gift someone eco-friendly face scrubs, elegant & reusable tote bags, sustainable backpacks and save the environment at the same time!

Virtual Gifts

Due to the current travel restrictions caused by the corona virus pandemic some gifts cannot be sent from one country to another. If you have some friends or family living abroad virtual gifting is the way to go. Virtual gifts are easily purchased online and does not require much effort. You could buy online gift cards from the recipient’s favourite clothing sites, from Amazon or the Apple store.

On the other hand, you could give something more thoughtful such as subscription boxes. If you do your research, you could find the best subscription boxes within categories of the recipient’s preferences, such as cosmetics from IPSY or a gender-neutral Bespoke Post box.

Buying someone a gift does not have to be a struggle. Get creative and create a memory for every occasion using these gift ideas.

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