Things you didn’t know about photography

Things you didn’t know about photography

When we talk about photography, the first thought in mind is what we click on a usual basis. Whether it is a selfie or a groupie, stand straight and smile. The whole concept of photography is to click a picture.

If you thought this is the only way to click a picture, no. As easy as it sounds for clicking pictures, there is specific depth in every type of photography. However, the focus and techniques of each differ from one another.

There are different perspectives of photographers. Some fancy to focus on one type of photography. Thus, they outshine in their field, while others try out every scope to build a portfolio. Hence, they have a versatile style in their careers. Therefore, they have a wide range of expertise and knowledge.

You must be wondering what the various styles of photography are. Keep reading! Maybe it will awaken the photographer in you.

What are the different varieties of photos?

Abstract Photography

This genre is hard to explain, as it is also known as experimental or concrete photography. In brief, this conceptual photograph uses colours, shapes, and shadows to form an image that instils an emotion, an impression, or a perception. Hence, the focus of this photography is not the image or the scene being captured.

The photographer isolates the details by creatively framing the image.

Black and White photography

Opposite to this colourful abstract photo is B&W photography. It is self-explanatory as it captures no colour. It can either be clicked by adjusting the camera setting or by editing a coloured photograph. Monochrome images also come under this category. Here’s a tip, the black and white picture can stand out with a classic black picture frame.

The whole concept began back in the days, where there was no setting or editing; the capture was itself in black and white. Nowadays, it is known as fine photography, which mainly highlights either an aesthetic or nostalgic moment.

Candid photography

How to click a photo? Pose for it with a smile on your face. That is the tradition, but who does not want to get captured doing what they are doing?

It is the definition of a candid photo, to capture the raw, unplanned moment. These photographs are the best of all, as it seizes a moment, a feeling, or an expression without faking it. Hence, the photographer either clicks it by surprise or impulsively.

Moreover, secret photography is also a subset of candid photography.

Commercial Photography

Pretty straightforward by its name, this photo is taken of products and services for commercial use. The photographers are hired to click snaps for marketing purposes to sell or promote. Food, fashion, and product photography fall under the commercial photography category.

Meeting the client’s vision is a real task for this genre.

Architectural photography

This genre is self-explanatory. Perhaps, it has a direct focus on its subject. It is either the interior or the exterior of a building. Thus, emphasizing the intricate details of the construction. The creative aspect of this category is the angle of capture. Hence, creating an artistic vision in the viewer’s eye.

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