Shop for Your Bub: The Everyday Essentials

Shop for Your Bub: The Everyday Essentials

Sometimes, having a new baby could only mean shopping, and more shopping! There’s always a load of stuff that you will need for them almost all the time. Of these, here are the key areas that you’d give your attention to when you shop for your bub.


It could drive new parents nuts when they think about the amount of clothing their newborns need. Eventually, as they grow up, these requirements could only change, but not decrease in any way. Newborns require good quality clothing – sleep-suits, caps, socks, and mittens for a start. When they start going out and getting exposed to people, you may want to style them up a little bit more with some cool and lovely outfits that come in a wide range of designs and styles.

That’s right, modern babies could be dressed up to suit any occasion – casuals, parties, themed events, and so on. Whatever you pick out for your little one, you need to make sure that they suit her, in terms of size, colour, design, and fabric textures. There would be no point if these outfits look super cute, but causes discomfort to the bub. The right type of clothing can help promote your baby’s health and overall wellbeing, therefore, the choices you make can be really very crucial.


Many may tend to overlook the importance of opting for quality and comfortable bedding. Your baby spends more than half her day lying down and sleeping. This makes it so important for you to get excellent quality bedding items like swaddles, blankets, sheets and quilts.

These need to be made of high-quality fibre so they are completely safe, comforting, and easily washable. You may want to get these stuffs bought and ready as the arrival of your little one gets nearer because you may not be able to give it enough attention later on. It’s always advisable to get most of your baby shopping done and over with in your early third trimester.


Babies are advised to be exclusively breastfed for two years, or at least a year. However, some can only make it up to about a year, some six months, while some may not be able to breast feed their newborns at all, for several reasons. In such cases, you would need to switch to baby formula and introduce the bottle to your little one as early as day 1.

You need to make sure you get safe, BPA free bottles, and a high-quality breast pumps and sterilizers. Newborns can be extremely sensitive to all foreign things; thus, it is essential to make sure every product you pick or use is no less than the best.

Bath and Grooming

Personal care and hygiene are crucial for the health of your little one. As much as you would ensure this, you also need to see that you use gentle and safe products on the bub. Never opt for highly scented or chemical based personal care items.

Instead, always go for the ones that are free of any artificial or harmful chemicals which indicate super safety for kids. Chemicals and artificial substances can have dangerous effects on their overall health, thus, it’s important to make careful choices.

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