Renting a Heater? 6 Things to Consider

Renting a Heater? 6 Things to Consider

Looking for a heater for an event? Before renting one, keep the below points in mind. They’ll allow for a smooth experience, and possibly help you save cash. Let’s dive in.

How Big is Your Budget?

How much do you want to spend? The sum you’ll have to pay depends on how long you’re going to be renting the machine for. But it also depends on what type of heater you are getting. There are two types – the fuel and electrically powered ones. The latter is the most expensive, mainly because they are the most ecofriendly.

Thankfully, there is a plethora of electrical heaters on the market. This’ll help you find one that is the closest to a sum you’re comfortable with.

How Hot Does It Need to Be?

How big the space is would influence how good of a job the heater would do. If it’s large with a lot of open space, hot air would easily escape. This is also true if there is a high ceiling – remember that air rises.

With all of this in mind, you can calculate the specified heat required. Such a thing would be hard to do if you’re not a professional. That’s why who you’re working with should be able to do this for you.

Is It Eco-friendly?

As mentioned, the electrical units are the most ecofriendly. This is as they don’t use fuel to produce the heat, so there are no gases produced as by-products.

Due to the absence of gases, they are safer as well. Fuel powered generators may not complete their combustion reactions, creating carbon monoxide instead of dioxide. If Carbon Monoxide were to collect inside a space, everyone would be in danger.

How Safe is It?

Speaking of safety, fuel powered heaters can be dangerous. You should avoid any that use direct-fires. The whole vicinity could burn down.

You might like to know that indirect-fire options exist. The flame wouldn’t be open but inside of a heat exchanger.

As they’re safer, you can probably guess that the indirect-fire units are more expensive than their direct fire counterparts.

Is the Company Reputed?

Whenever renting machinery from companies, you’re advised to look for someone who’s reputed –If you check big names out, you’ll have heard of the Aggreko sponsorship deal. They managed to bag it due to their esteem.

Working with such large names would mean they won’t try and scam you; they could say you damaged the heater when returning it, demanding you to compensate.

Will It Come with Transportation?

Just like generators, heaters can be huge. They are heavy a lot of the time too. It’ll be a headache to transport one to the space you need. Hopefully, the company you’re renting from would offer this service. The best would also help install the machine, and uninstall it when it’s needed to be taken back.

Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the few points to keep in mind. Yes, there are more. However, the ones we talked about are the most important.

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