Impact of Communication Breakdowns on a Construction Project

Impact of Communication Breakdowns on a Construction Project

There are many complexities of a construction project and you need to ensure that seamless collaboration is ensured among the stakeholders from the beginning of the project to the end. But there can be communication breakdowns that can disrupt the interactions between the stakeholders and this can affect the budget and timeline of the project.

You need to select a reputed and reliable construction project management company so that they can keep your project on track for success. They will maintain efficient communication to prevent issues. But when you select inexperienced professionals, there can be issues with communication which can give rise to delays in decision making. You need to take decisions on time so that every phase of the construction project progresses according to the timeline. But when the channels of communication are disrupted, the decision makers will not have the essential information to make informed decisions. They will then hesitate when making a decision or make uninformed choices that can reflect poorly on the progress of the project. If the design team doesn’t communicate a change order to the construction team, the team at site will be working on outdated plans. And by the time this is discovered, you will need to carry  out costly rework. This can result in so many delays and this incident can affect the entire project timeline making it hard to stay in track with milestones.

Cost can be affected significantly due to breakdowns in communication.

Sometimes there can be incomplete information, misunderstandings or delayed updates. All these issues can contribute to reworking of some of the construction, errors in construction and the need for additional resources. These factors can escalate the cost. If the specifications of a building are not communicated clearly, the construction team will use the wrong material. And this may not be according to the certifications or regulations so then the work will need to be torn down. You will also need to purchase new material that further adds to the cost. There are also financial penalties when it comes to late completion of the project. The overall budget will be affected as a result of this. Communication is key when it comes to maintaining quality standards of the project. And if you don’t convey the right information at the right time, there can be a high risk for errors or omissions. If the subcontractors are working on unclear instructions, there will be subpar work done and you will need to correct this later on which can be more expensive.

Sometimes there can be a lack of communication

Between different stages of the project and this can affect quality as well. The design team may not communicate changes to the construction team and the final product will change drastically from the original plans. This will have an impact on the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. There are so many stakeholders involved in a construction project and all of them have certain responsibilities and roles. They need to collaborate in order for the project to success. But when communications breakdown, the trust between the stakeholders can erode and their relationships can become strained. This can affect their corporation with each other.

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