How a DNA Comprehensive Health Report Can Guide Treatment

How a DNA Comprehensive Health Report Can Guide Treatment

The power of your genetics can be used for personalizedmedications andtreatment plans. A DNA comprehensive report can help give insight into yourunique genetic code and how it affects your disease risks and genetic predispositions.


There are many DNA tests such as the methylation genetic test and these tests will delve into your genome so that specific genetic markers that are related to disease risks and health factors can be analysed. Certain individuals have genetic predispositions to certain health conditions. Some examples of these are certain types of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. When you understand your predispositions, the healthcare providers will be able to come up with preventative measures. By assessing the insights from the DNA comprehensive health report, your healthcare provider can adopt a precise approach to medicine. They will tailor your treatment to your genetic makeup so that it increases the effectiveness of the interventions. This will also minimise the potential side effects of the treatment. Targeted therapies can address certain genetic markets and this will allow for more personalized solutions to come forth.

Your genetic variations can affect how you respond to medications.

The efficiency of certain drugs on your body can be assessed using the findings of a DNA comprehensive health report. And the healthcare provider will be able to gauge if the medication can have a higher risk of adverse reactions. The most suitable medications for your body can be selected as a result of these findings. This will also inform the appropriate dosage. This is a great way to avoid potential complications of specific drugs. This will improve the safety of your treatment routine. Nutrigenomics is a field where the connection between nutrition and genetics are explored. Your unique nutritional needs will be uncovered by a DNA comprehensive health report. It will give more information on potential sensitivities and your metabolism so that a personalised nutrition plan can be devised. Your dietary choices can be optimized according to the genetic factors contributing to your overall wellbeing.

How you respond to exercise is also determined by genetic variations.

If you have a predisposition to a certain fitness related outcome, this can be determined thanks to the health report. Some of insights obtained will be your recovery, endurance, muscle composition etc. When you have a good understanding of these factors, your exercise routine can be customized to ensure you get the maximum benefit. Individuals can inherit certain conditions and diseases. When you obtain a DNA comprehensive health report, you can assess whether there is a risk of passing certain genetic disorders to your children. This is a great support to family planning decisions. Certain people have an increased risk to certain cancers and this is something that can be discovered by genetic testing. When you have this information, your healthcare provider can let you know what early detection measures can be taken and how you can increase surveillance. There are many preventative strategies that you can adopt to lower your risk or to detect cancer at an early stage so that it is treatable.

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